astuces détox pour perdre du poids rapidement

Detox to lose weight quickly

In this article we interview the naturopath Nicolas Guidoux , specialized in iridology and also certified Heilpraktiker by the CERS-TA. Member of the Professional Union of Naturopathy, the latter delivers us all the benefits derivative bath and detoxification on weight loss.

Why do we say that the practice of derivative bathing allows you to detox to lose weight quickly?

Nicholas : In a detox, there are different phases. The first 2, without going into technical and biochemical details, transform fat-soluble waste into water-soluble waste to be easily eliminated.

Once this is done, there is a 3rd phase, it is elimination. The cold causes a narrowing of blood vessels (vasoconstriction) in the periphery, and vasodilation of deep organs.

This phenomenon of superficial vasoconstriction and deep vasodilation leads to a concentration of humors, that is to say body fluids (blood, lymph, intra and extra cellular fluids) towards the internal organs, in particular the intestines and the kidneys. . These two organs are the major elimination organs of the body. The more blood circulates within its organs, the more they eliminate, and the more we cleanse ourselves.

Does detox help you lose weight quickly?

Nicholas : “The derivative bath allows, in fact, to lose weight , and this via different mechanisms:

  • A Dirty terrain , full of waste can block weight loss. Participating in detoxifying the body will facilitate this process.
  • Then, the cold has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties . A chronic inflammatory state disrupts all functions of the body, and blocks weight loss.
  • In addition, the cold acts directly on the fatty tissue by evacuating thick white (bad) fats , a source of excess weight, which are located directly under the skin. Conversely, good fats, brown fats, are essential to promote the functioning of our body: they give energy to our body, regulate hunger and satiety, synthesize hormones, neuro transmitters, etc.

The cold will transform the white fat into brown fat which will reduce the risk of weight gain .

  • Exposure to cold also leads to an increase in the combustion of glucose, i.e. its use by our cells.
  • It is good to point out here that if we have excess sugar, this excess will be stored in our cells in the form of fat. And yes … sugar makes you gain weight much more than fat! Increasing its combustion therefore prevents it from being stored too much.”

How should you practice to do a good detox?

Nicholas : “I advise Start slowly , especially if it's your first time with Maholi pockets. 10 minutes per day at the beginning, while moving. For example, gardening, vacuuming, shopping, etc.

The movement also allows promote the good circulation of our humors , which will be potentiated by the cold.”

Are there any other beneficial effects?

Nicolas : “This phenomenon of superficial vasoconstriction and deep vasodilation of the internal organs leads to decongestion of the prostate (useful in cases of prostatitis, prostate adenoma) of the small pelvis (period pain, endometriosis, PMS).

This decongestion of the lower abdomen and genitals will be very useful in case of loss of libido, sexual disorders or to boost fertility . Through this vasoconstriction, we observe better venous return, which is very beneficial for people with heavy legs or poor blood circulation. Over there freshness , we obtain a regulation of body temperature, the cold at the level of the perineum is very effective for reduce a fever during an infection. We also observe improved cognitive functions: better concentration and memorization, more motivation, a state of general well-being .

Brown fats, mentioned above, contribute to the appearance of metabolic diseases. According to Dr Gérald Kierzek, “ The cold helps burn fat and reduces the risk of diabetes” .

Finally, it is a wonderful technique for all tired, exhausted people because the cold re-energizes . It’s a remarkable conditioner.”

Can I accompany with other natural solutions to optimize my detox?

Nicholas : “An organ is fundamental for a good detox , it is the liver , and the liver loooooves heat. We can then use another technique using water, hot this time, the hot water bottle ! Positioned on the liver, in particular at meal times will optimize its work. In addition to facilitating digestion and providing a comforting moment, the hot water bottle on the liver will potentiate the detox processes. To potentiate detox processes, it is imperative to adopt a healthy lifestyle :

  • The diet must be healthy , based on raw, non-industrial, seasonal products, organic if possible. Cooked and raw vegetables must always be present on the plate, an animal or vegetable protein, and, to be adapted depending on the case, a small portion of starchy foods.
  • Practice Regular physical activity , such as walking, is fundamental for a good detox because it facilitates the circulation of humors, and stimulates the body's evacuation pathways, such as the intestines and kidneys already mentioned, but also the skin and the lungs.
  • Finally, Rest is recommended to accompany a detox. Being in good conditions is essential, ideally when you are on vacation, and with as little stress as possible.

However, a detox is not trivial, it is preferable to contact a trained health professional in order to receive good support .”

To learn more about the benefits of perineal cryotherapy:

The website of Nicolas Guidoux, certified naturopath and Iridologist 👈🏼

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