les bienfaits du froid sur le corps

The benefits of cold on the body to know

THE cold is an ancestral natural practice. The benefits of cold are numerous for our body. It is used by the greatest sportsmen and people wishing to take care of themselves naturally.

A method that advocates the virtues of cold and breathing: the method Wim Hof. She explains the benefits to the body when exposed to ice baths.

Woman taking ice bath and practicing breathing exercises.

I/ The benefits of cold on our physical health

1/ Better blood circulation

The cold contributes to better blood circulation because it will reduce the diameter of the blood vessels and then increase it. This is called the phenomenon of vasoconstriction. This process will allow venous return and lymphatic drainage.

The practice is aimed at people with heavy legs or poor blood circulation.

2/ Cold and weight loss

You should know that we produce two kinds of fats, white fat which is a source of excess weight and brown fat which is essential to promote the functioning of our body because it is this which gives energy to our body.

The cold will transform white fat into brown fat, which will reduce the risk of weight gain. The cold will help reduce cellulite. According to Gérald Kierzek, doctor, “ The cold helps burn fat and reduces the risk of diabetes ”.

Thanks to the genes of their ancestors, the Inuit are more resistant to the cold. Indeed, their gene plays a role in the amount of brown fat present in an individual. These will help burn lipids to produce heat. Thus, this phenomenon will allow their body to maintain a temperature of 37°C.

3/ Cold in the face of injuries

After a serious injury, an open fracture or an operation, the cold allows our skin to heal better.

The practice of cold is very widespread among athletes because it reduces pain and muscle inflammation.

When you have sprains, contusions, bruises or osteoarthritis, it is recommended to use cold.

This will provide an analgesic effect either painkiller , which will slow down the speed of the messages that the nerves send to the brain to announce pain.

The cold will play an anti-inflammatory role.

1/ Cold and hormones

By reaction to the cold, the brain will create hormones called endorphins which will make the body feel a sensation of well-being and reduce pain, whether muscular, ligamentous or nervous. This secretion of hormones will also allow the body to feel soothed and help reduce stress.

According to Dr Abouda Maher, pulmonologist specializing in sleep, “ falling asleep is favored by a drop in the temperature of the human body, an ideal temperature would be between 16 and 18 degrees. Our brain spontaneously lowers our body heat at bedtime. »

2/ The role of ice baths on our brain

According to some people who enjoy ice baths, bathing in water not exceeding 5 degrees allows them to feel relaxed. Some even call this practice “water yoga”. Ice baths will help you put things into perspective and produce feel-good hormones called serotonin and dopamine. They also help reduce migraines in some people.

Therefore, the cold plays an important role on our physical and mental health. It allows us to enjoy many benefits naturally. This is why Maholi wants to democratize the practice of derivative bathing so that as many people as possible can benefit from the benefits of the cold in a gentle and independent way.

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