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Perineal cryotherapy for women's well-being

Perineal cryotherapy for women's well-being

How can applying a cold pack to the perineum help women in their daily lives? At what stages of his life can perineal cryotherapy be useful? And what are the benefits of this natural practice? Answer in this article dedicated to women and their well-being .

Puberty & Reproductive Period

During this first stage of a woman's life, the menstrual cycle begins. For some women, periods are accompanied by more or less significant inconveniences:

  • pain
  • fatigue
  • constipation
  • bad moods

It is in this context that cold packs placed in the perineum can have a beneficial impact.

Applied to the perineum, the cold will be able to act and impact the entire body. This region of the body is highly vascularized and interacts directly with the circulatory system. The skin is also thinner, which allows the cold to act more effectively.

Different body mechanisms are put in place to protect the body from the cold, including:

  • an acceleration of blood flow to vital organs, which allows the body to eliminate waste or excess hormones more quickly
  • a release of hormones aimed at relaxing the body such as serotonin


After childbirth, cold packs, tailored to the perineal area, can help reduce inflammation and provide welcome relief.

It is a natural option to promote recovery and comfort for postpartum women.

In this specific case, cold application to the perineum has 2 major benefits:

  • relieve pain locally
  • accelerate recovery by increasing blood circulation to the area

Maholi has written a complete guide to cold packs and pregnancy.


Just like puberty, menopause is a big stage in a woman's life. Among the symptoms and inconveniences linked to hormonal upheavals, we find:

  • hot flashes
  • sleep disorders
  • mood disorders

Here too, perineal cryotherapy can be a real asset. For hot flashes, applying cold will push the body to better regulate its temperature . For sleep and mood disorders, it is the release of endorphins linked to stress from the application of cold to the body which can help you against these inconveniences of menopause.

perineal cryotherapy for women

In conclusion, the use of cold packs specifically designed for the perineum can contribute to well-being, providing natural and non-invasive relief.

It is important to emphasize that perineal cryotherapy is part of a holistic approach to female well-being. A balanced diet, the use of plants, management of stress and emotions are all complementary elements that contribute to a fulfilling and healthy life.

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