les causes d'un périnée relaché

Loose perineum: 5 causes to know and solutions to tone it

The perineum is often poorly understood and yet, like everything else we have in the body, it is very important.

Many women suffer from a very loose perineum without knowing why, and how to remedy it, naturally .

Your perineum is a collection of muscles that includes the bladder, uterus, and rectum.

When you want to go to the bathroom, he's the one who helps you hold back.

When you have sex, it allows you to have more pleasure when it is well balanced. Too distended, you have much less sensation when making love, and so does your partner, because it doesn't “serve enough”.

Let's get into the heart of the subject ! What can distend your perineum? :

  • Pregnancy: in fact, during 9 months, the perineum is subjected to much more weight, which always distends it a little. Moreover, after childbirth, Maholi cold packs can help you relieve your pain thanks to their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.
  • Overweight: excess weight puts additional pressure on the abdomen, which weakens the muscles of the perineum
  • Smoking: You will often find the information that by smoking and coughing more often, it will further relax the muscles of your perineum by increasing abdominal pressure. But it’s not just that; nicotine directly affects blood circulation by reducing the supply of nutrients and oxygen normally supplied to the perineum. And this also applies to the rest of the body, without forgetting the hormonal disruption that this causes, also affecting the health of the perineum.
  • Chronic constipation: When we are constipated, we tend to push stools to relieve ourselves. With force, this can distend the muscles of the perineum.
  • Physical activity: Spoiler alert : Sport is GOOD and important for health (and self-confidence!). Don't be discouraged by reading these few lines, do it! However, as with anything, when done incorrectly, it can damage the body. I explain to you :

When you carry a very heavy load, your abs tighten. The internal space is therefore reduced (because you are under pressure) and the internal organs must move up or down to find space. It is absolutely crucial in this case to breathe well (come on, big inhale!) so that the pressure can escape (through exhalation). Otherwise, you store pressure without releasing it and this can tire your perineum.

What are the consequences of a loose perineum?

One of the first consequences is incontinence , that is to say not being able to hold back. It can happen at any time and you don't always feel it coming! When pressure is exerted on the perineum, by coughing, laughing loudly, or making physical effort, this can be enough to trigger a discharge.

When a perineum is very loose, it is possible that the organs descend because they are no longer held correctly. This can cause quite significant discomfort and difficulty going to the toilet.

As we have seen, sexual relations are also impacted: reduced pleasure and more difficulty reaching orgasm.

Pelvic pain can increase, and self-confidence can be affected because women affected by these disturbances often feel discomfort.

Solutions to tone your perineum:

Fortunately, if I tell you about all this, it is not to leave you with a bitter taste! There are natural and effective solutions.

Rehabilitation : This will often be recommended as a first step. You can be accompanied by a professional who can show you exercises to naturally strengthen your perineum.

One of the most effective exercises is simply to contract your perineum often throughout the day.

Physical activity : Remember, breathe! Adopt the right postures and the sport will be very good for you. Gentle but muscle-building activities like yoga, pilates, swimming help strengthen your perineum. Not only because it builds muscle, but also because it distributes a much greater amount of oxygen throughout your body.

Healthy lifestyle : It is not enough to try to strengthen your perineum, but you also need to feel good about your body overall. When you take care of yourself, all your organs are positively impacted. And your perineum too!

Also note that a healthy and natural diet helps enormously in the fight against constipation!

What I mean by taking care of yourself is to have a natural diet, good sleep, no over-exposure to screens (especially in the evening to sleep better) and above all, take time for yourself (even 10 minutes of relaxation per day!).

During this period of strengthening your perineum, if you have pain, the Maholi cold pack can bring you great relief and comfort.

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Author: Sara Markowicz

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