le froid: remède naturel contre les hémorroïdes

Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids: Cold

THE cold is a natural remedy for hemorrhoids known since the dawn of time.

Hemorrhoids are a problem fluent And sometimes painful , they can considerably affect quality of life of those who suffer from it.

Fortunately, there are natural and simple ways to soothe these disorders and the use of cold is one of the most common remedies effective . In this article, we will explore how cold can be beneficial in relieving hemorrhoids and getting you back to living a comfortable life.

What is a Hemorrhoid ?

Before discussing the benefits of cold, it is essential to understand what hemorrhoids are. Hemorrhoids are veins located in the anal region . When they become inflamed , they can cause pain , itching , bleeding and one general discomfort . We then talk about hemorrhoidal crisis .

Hemorrhoids are often classified into two types:

  • internal : We are talking about hemorrhoidal disease internal when this causes an exit of these vessels from the skin, which are found inside the anal canal (inside the rectum) and
  • external which are caused by the formation of a blood clot inside an anal blood vessel. They are located under the skin around the anus).

To date, there are common risk factors which are the constipation , pregnancy , obesity and one sedentary lifestyle. If you are pregnant, it is a common situation in pregnancy to have hemorrhoids before childbirth.

The Power of Cold on Hemorrhoids

Applying cold to the area affected by hemorrhoids can be an effective way to relieve pain and inflammation. Here's how the cold can help:

  1. Reduction of inflammation: The cold reduces blood flow to the affected area, which decreases inflammation and relieves pain.
  2. Pain relief: The cold acts as a natural anesthetic, numbing the affected area and reducing the sensation of pain.
  3. Reduction of bleeding: By constricting blood vessels, cold can help reduce bleeding associated with hemorrhoids and thus your pain.

Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids: how to apply cold?

There are several ways to apply cold to relieve hemorrhoids:

  1. Gel packs: There Holi Night is an ideal cold pack if you suffer from hemorrhoids, its cold duration of approximately 2 hours. The cold pack comes with 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton fabric; it is gentle and will not irritate your skin. This is quite convenient because you can do whatever you want during that time. There is also a  thinner cold pack  that you can take with you, during hemorrhoidal attacks, during your day. The cold duration is approximately 45 minutes and gives you instant relief.
  2. Cold baths: Taking cold sitz baths, by filling a bathtub with cold water or using a special “bidet” type sitz bath, can soothe hemorrhoids. In this case, it requires approximately twenty minutes of immobility applying cool water to the perineal area. Be careful not to catch a cold when doing this practice.

If you don't have cold packs on hand, you can use ice cubes placed in a cloth . Please be well protected with a suitable fabric so as not to burn or irritate yourself.

Important Tips

  • Be sure to consult a healthcare professional if you suffer from hemorrhoids to discuss the best treatment approaches, as cases can vary in severity.

In short, using cold to relieve hemorrhoids can be a natural and effective approach to reducing hemorrhoidal crises: inflammation, pain and bleeding. However, it is essential to consult a healthcare professional to determine the best treatment strategy for your specific case. With the right care and judicious use of cold, you can regain daily comfort and improve your quality of life.

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