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Low libido: what to do?

Low libido is common. There is no standard regarding a “good” or “bad” libido, it is specific to each individual. It is essential to know your partner's libido to avoid misunderstanding and the stress that can be associated.

There libido is characterized by “ the instinctive search for pleasure and, especially, sexual pleasure

We know several methods to stimulate your libido, such as ginger.

Recently, a report came out with a statistic of 76% of French people on average have had sex in the last 12 months a drop of 15 points since 2006, and this seems very low according to the statistics.

Relax, reconnect with your body and don't panic, with Maholi, we will talk to you about a practice that you probably don't know that can come revive your libido in a 100% natural way And without stress .

  1. Stimulate blood circulation
  2. Relax

Reduced libido: Stimulate blood circulation

The derivative bath, a therapeutic technique using cold at the level of crotch , is gaining popularity for its many health benefits. However, few people know the specific advantages of the derivative bath on the libido .

What is the derivative bath?

THE  derivative bath consists of exposing the perineum region, located between the pubis and the coccyx, to low temperatures for a short period. This technique is generally practiced using cold pockets for the perineum.

Stimulation of blood circulation

One of the keys to a healthy libido is adequate blood circulation. The diversion bath promotes vasodilation, which means a increased blood flow towards the pelvic region. Better blood circulation means improved oxygenation of tissues, thus strengthening the vitality of sexual organs and can stimulate libido and regain a fulfilling sex life.

Low libido: Relax

The cold allows nervous relaxation and directly soothes the mind, you will feel more relaxed and more connected to your zone.

Reduction of inflammation and Stress

The derivative bath acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory . In reducing inflammation in the pelvic area , this technique helps to reduce physical stress which can often hinder the libido . A less inflamed perineum can promote optimal functioning of the sexual organs , creating a favorable environment for fulfilling libido.

Strengthening the Pelvic Muscles

The derivative bath can also contribute to strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles . Toned pelvic muscles are essential for a satisfactory sex life , as they are involved in erection control in men and play a crucial role in sexual satisfaction in women. By strengthening these muscles, the derivative bath offers natural support for the libido.

Stimulation of Endorphins

Exposure to intense cold can trigger release of endorphins , happiness hormones . In addition to improving general mood, these endorphins act as natural libido stimulants . Thus, the derivative bath does not just cool the area, it active also the internal mechanisms of sexual well-being.

In conclusion, the derivative bath offers an innovative approach that can stimulate libido And promote a fulfilling sex life . By acting on blood circulation, reducing inflammation, strengthening the pelvic muscles and releasing endorphins, this technique offers a range of benefits. If you're looking for a natural and refreshing way to improve your libido , a drift bath might just be the key to fulfilling intimacy. Consult a healthcare professional for more information and discover how this innovative approach can transform your sex life.

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